Trying vs. Doing


I’ve heard some people say, “There is no try, only do”. I think those people are wrong.

Doing is going on a hike on a packed, dirt road with barely a one degree incline. You could do this hike while sleepwalking, with both legs behind your back.

Trying, on the other hand, is like hiking through trees and rocks with a 70 to -70 degree incline with an elevation gain of 400 feet, water crossings, loose gravel, stinging nettle, mountain lions, fallen trees, rabid squirrals and you have flashlights and food incase something goes wrong. Trying is going for something when you are unsure what the outcome will be.

One experience I had with trying was learning to drive a manual car. At first It was definitely trying. I’d grind gears, stall on the highway, rev the engine way too high, and roll back a quarter mile when starting on a hill.

Then, after driving the car for a while, my shifts were smooth as butter, the engine was only revved to show off, I barely rolled back ever and stalling became a myth.

So, “Try, try, try, then do”.

What do you think when someone says “there is no try”?

Home is were the heart is?


Home is were the heart is!

So, the question mark is because I think that phrase is only mostly correct. I think everyone means that home is were most of the heart is. But, because it’s so close to true, it’s just fine to use. The part of me that isn’t at home is spread around to the many friends I’ve made in this world.

Quick note: If you cant honestly say that phrase, meaning less then a bear minimum of 51% of your heart is not at home, take a beat and rethink life.

Anyway, we just got back from the National Institutes of Health in Maryland. Though many of the tests they put me through were a little on the tiresome side, a little piece of my heart is there. The doctors and workers and the other patients made our stay more then bearable!

Pieces of my heart are there and many other places, too. It’s all over Utah, in Massachusetts, Montana, California, Idaho, and Alberta. I hope I can lengthen my list through my coming years.

The biggest part of my heart will always be at home, though. Because, well, my family is there. I loved being in Maryland and everywhere else, but home will always occupy a pretty big chunk of my heart. Being home is SO good! If you’re in the smaller part of my heart, don’t feel bad. It’s still a part of me. And I’m a small person, so there isn’t a lot of me to go around!

Were are the pieces of your heart in this world? Leave your replies in the comments below! Let me know if this post was any good.

The Picture: It’s the people inside the house who make it a home. Without them, it’s just a few walls.


how to name your vehicle


How to name a vehicle:

  1. There has to be a good story behind the name.
  2. It should spark some type of emotion in people.
  3. It can’t make anyone cry. (Crying and driving is bad.)
  4. It has to be a name you are willing to say around anyone.
  5. The name can’t be “The” and the make or model of the car, like “The Camry” or “The Chevy”. Unless you have more than one car, more than one driver, or it is a really, really, really cool name.
  6. It has to be a name you are willing to have an emotional attachment with.

These are my set of rules. A good chunk of people think thet all cars are female and should be named accordingly. I think, though, a boy name or the name of some inanimate object just fit.

So, the truck pictured in this article, I just picket up a few weeks ago. I’ve been working on it and getting it ready for the farm and mountain and I am now at the point where it needs a name. I was hoping you would have some suggestions for my truck. Or, share the name share the name of your car or truck and why. Before you leave any suggestions, I’ll share a little info about my new ride.

  • It’s something to work on and needs some attention.
  • It’s previous owners didn’t maintain it very well.
  • It requires a lot of maintenance and tuning.
  • It is my legs and gets me out of the house to see my neighbors or can take me up the mountain.
  • It helps a lot with work I want to do around the farm and yard.
  • It is the first vehicle I have since I gave up my license.
  • It will never feel paved roads again.

Yep, let me know what you would name it.

Do you have a name for your car?